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Lists of Things to do Pre-baby May 1, 2007

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The first list I took from the book Diary of a Mad Mother to be and the second list is taken from consumer report. I think both are practical and handy so I thought I would share them.

1. Find ob/gyn/midwife
2. Get prenatal checkup
3. Get prenatal vitamins
4. Find physical exercise
5. Decide childbirth method
6. Join childbirth/prenatal class
7. Buy crib
8. Buy crib mattresss
9. Buy crib bedding
10. Buy changing table/dresser
11. Buy diapers
12. Buy diaper bag
13. Buy diaper pail
14. Buy crib mobile
15. Buy stroller
16. Buy baby monitor (video)
17. Buy night light for baby’s room
18. Choose colours/theme for baby room
19. Paint baby’s room
20. Buy infant size hangers
21. Buy pacifiers
22. Create medical emergency kit
23. Prepare emergency phone lists
24. Decide nursing or formula
25. Buy nursing/formula supplies
26. Decide on legal guardian
27. Prepare wills
28. Create university fund
29. Begin kegel exercises
30. Buy 1st year scrapbook
31. Decide whether to learn gender
32. Choose name(s)
33. Choose hospital
34. Take tour of hospital
35. Find pediatrician
36. Appoint someone to organize baby shower(s)
37. Make invite list for baby shower
38. Register for baby shower
39. Buy thank you notes for baby shower
40. Select birth music
41. Book venue/date for religious ceremony
42. Buy baby’s outfit for religious ceremony
43. Buy maternity clothes
44. Decide who will be in your delivery room with you
45. Prepare baby announcements
46. Prepare overnight bag for hospital
47. Make birth plan
48. Schedule mat. leave
49. Make phone list for announcing baby’s birth
50. Buy baby’s take home from hospital outfit
51. Decide on post birth child care

New baby basics
A master list for new moms and dads

Here’s a checklist of what you should have on hand before your baby arrives.

Tooling around
_____Car seat.

Beds and linens
_____Crib mattress.
_____Bassinet/cradle (if you don’t want to put your baby in a crib right away).
_____Two to three fitted crib sheets.
_____Four or more waffle-weave cotton receiving blankets for swaddling baby
_____Two mattress pads.
_____One to two waterproof liners (for crib or bassinet).

Diaper duty
_____Diapers. Disposable or cloth.
_____Diaper pail. (Optional with disposables.)
_____Diaper bag.

Dressing baby
_____Four sleeping outfits or onesies (one-piece sleepers), preferably with attached feet
_____Six side-snap T-shirts.
_____Four to six one-piece undershirts that snap around the crotch.
_____A small baby cap (although the hospital will probably give you one).
_____Six pairs socks/booties.
_____Two to three soft, comfortable daytime outfits. Get only a few items in newborn size. Then, go for clothing in the 6-month size–your baby will grow into it quickly. But don’t buy baby sleepwear that’s too big; it’s a fire hazard
_____Cotton sweater or light jacket.

Summer babies
_____Brimmed hat.

Winter babies
_____Snowsuit or heavy bunting.
_____Heavy stroller blanket.
_____Warm knit hat.

Feeding time
If you’re planning to breast-feed:
_____Two or three nursing bras.
_____A box of washable or disposable breast pads.
_____Breast pump if you expect to use one.
_____Four small baby bottles with newborn nipples for expressed breast milk
_____Bottle drying tree.
_____Bottle brush.
_____Insulated bottle holder for diaper bag (the hospital may give you one).
_____Three packs of cloth diapers or burp cloths.

If you’re planning to bottle-feed
_____Six 4- to 5-ounce bottles, plus nipples, rings, and a dishwasher basket if you use a dishwasher.

_____Three soft hooded towels.
_____Two packs of baby washcloths.
_____ Baby body wash that doubles as shampoo.
_____Pair of blunt-tip scissors or baby-sized nail clippers.
_____Zinc-oxide-based diaper rash ointment.
_____Infant bathtub.
_____Soft brush and comb.
_____Mild laundry detergent.

Medicine chest essentials
_____A pain-and-fever reducer recommended by your baby’s doctor, such as Infant’s Tylenol.
_____Cotton pads/swabs.
_____Nasal aspirator.
_____Digital thermometer.
_____Rubbing alcohol.
_____Petroleum jelly.

Keeping baby happy

Extras: Nice but optional
_____Changing table.
_____A rocker or glider.
_____Soft carrier.


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  1. Samantha Says:

    Great Info! Thanks for sharing! Another tip! I registered online. This way I didn’t have to run around town looking for all the things I needed for the baby. Yes, some things I needed to buy else where but, this helped my family know what I needed and wanted! This place is great!!

  2. scarlett Says:

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  5. Phillip Says:

    I praise the precious inside story you essay in your post. I will bookmark your blog and have my son check up here often. I am quite sure they will study a huge of new stuff here than anybody else!

  6. Hello,

    Very helpful list for first time parents. Thanks for providing this list šŸ˜‰

    Verlene Kelly J
    Webmaster – Baby Monitor Reviews

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    The truth is that, I’ve not held it’s place in this webpage in a very years… however it seemed to be yet another happiness to examine It is actually such an essential issue as well as ignored by way of numerous, actually professionals.

  8. Vanessa Says:

    I love this list, I am having my first child and this checklist is amazing . It is so helpful.

  9. Lisa Says:

    Bless you! I am a first time mom, and I was feeling clueless about what to start collecting before the baby arrives. Thank you so much for posting this list!!

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